Jan. 10th, 2012

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I've been having a marked lack of success playing PigeonBall* these last weeks, so today was the Day To Get Up On Scary Ladders.

I got the building to block off most of the areas where the pigeons were roosting (and shitting all over our decks) a few months ago.  There was one area which wasn't covered off because it wasn't a problem before, and it's hard to cover.  See, I'm on the 3rd floor so I have the actual roof above my deck, not just another deck.  It also sticks out about a foot further that the deck edges.  Since we covered all the convenient perching-and-pooping places, they have been hanging out on the tiny edges under the roof overhand, which is JUST close enough to allow them to crap on my railing and the edge of my deck  (which is where all those nifty planters hang come spring).  So I finally got those spiky-strip things and installed them.  By myself.  On a 3rd floor balcony.  On the 2nd-to-top rung of a ladder.  I just tried really hard not to think about it, or the fact that were I to fall I have no medical insurance.  Not the brightest thing I've ever done, but it was successful.

Then I scrubbed off most of the dried poop with vinegar/water (because pigiepoo is alkaline) and then scrubbed off me, complete with a neti-pot rinse in case I breathed any of it.  I did make sure to wet everything down before scrubbing, but just in case.

Going round and round with HR bitch at former employer - means I will likely get to pay $300 I hadn't planned on to re-instate my BCBS coverage for December but since I actually got more in unemployment than I thought I would I have it - though it will pretty much tap me out.  That unexpected windfall also allowed me to send off a check to start the Bankruptcy proceedings.  I'm taking the words of Susan Sto-Helit to heart.  "Susan says 'Don't get scared, get angry!'"

No other news on the job front - sending out between 15-25 applications a week at this point.  Had a phone interview just before New Years, but nothing seems to have come of that.

Winslet got to meet her first "stranger" today, when [livejournal.com profile] justphoenix came over to borrow my big stock pot for Experiments In Cheesemaking.  She was wary at first - partially because I think we woke her up - but was willing to come out into the living room while she was here, though not to advance within petting range.  This bodes well for having the usual Friday night gaming gang (less Jacob) over on Friday for videos.

*PigeonBall: the attempt to convince pigeons to find someplace else to hang out by periodically going out on the back deck every evening and whacking at them with a broom.  I'd gotten the resident population down to 2 particularly stubborn individuals, and improved my broom-combat skills somewhat


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