Mar. 2nd, 2012

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It's Pellet Time, and she knows it. I went into the kitchen, so she was running about like a mad thing.  OHBOYOHBOYYUMMEEEES!!!! While doing her laps, she ran past the bowl (which wasn't full at the time ) and into her cage, justi: as I filled the bowl.  (I have gotten rid of most of her "cage" - but she really liked hanging out on the "balcony" so I have left that in place, along with the panels needed to support it.)

Now, she hears the pellets clinkyclunk into the bowl, and she can certainly smell them,  but they are on the other side of a grid-panel.  She's a smart girl, and she knows how to go around it.  But food-excitement has gotten the best of her fuzzy little brain.  She is impatient and wants to take the shortest possible route to that little bowl of heavenly crunchies.  But between her and the dish is *cue ominous music*  the water bowl!

What to do what to do?

But it's soooo close, and she wants it soooo much, so she sniffs, and hesitates, then goes for it.  Front paw right into the water bowl.

EEEK - my foot is in wet!!

*takes paw out of bowl*  Hrm - that's not right...But there are still PELLETS....OVER THERE!!!

She steps out again, this time putting BOTH front paws into the water bowl.

EEEEEEEK!!!  *shakeshakegroomgroom*

She finally gets that she is going to need to delay that gratification long enough to actually go around the bowl, which she does. 

Mission accomplished, only slightly damp....


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