Mar. 10th, 2012

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All Hail the Immanence of the Book!

I managed to resist starting this until after Thursday night's rehearsal. 
I did not resist finishing it in one go, ending at 4:30AM. 

That may sound abnormally slow for me, but that is because this book is just so darned much fun that I kept rereading short passages, some of them out loud, just so that I could enjoy them more.  As usual, Seanan's characters are impossibly witty and wonderfully insane, and I wish my life had their dialogue.

To nick a comparison from one of the many reviews I think I read, this book is a tale of what happens when Lawful Good (with an out of date playbook) meets Chaotic Good.  The Lawful side is represented by Dominic DeLuca, scion of the Covenant of St. George, an ancient order dedicated to protecting mankind from any creatures not ordained by God, whether mankind wants to be protected or not.  He knows his mission is righteous - that is until he meets chaos itself in the form of Verity Price, descendant of a family declared traitor by the Covenant for sensibly asking whether mankind really needed this protection.  Verity is a cryptozoologist, cocktail waitress, free-running expert and aspiring ballroom dancer, and she proceeds to merrily turn Dominic's life upside down by making him actually THINK about what he is doing.  And there isn't a lot of time to do so, because cryptid girls are disappearing and there may be something ancient and asleep under New York City...

I wouldn't call this book Great Art, but it's a cracking good romp, full of wonderfully-realized characters who may look human but have different biology, motivations and social structure.  I'm not sure I can explain the glee with which I greeted Istas, whose humanoid form is a curvy Inuit-looking Gothic Lolita but whose other shape is an enormous wolf-bear-OMGRUN thing.  Her species is solitary and has sensibilities that often appear odd to human social norms.  By the time she tells someone that she "will play skipping games with your intestines while wearing your lungs as a hat", you don't even bat an eyelash, because that's just the way she is.

And then there are the mice...  I would cheerfully pay to have access to an Aeslin Mice Devotional Calendar, complete with e-mail reminders of celebrations and festivals.

[ profile] reedrelay is next in line for my copy, or you can get one yourself in either dead-tree or Kindle formats.

In other news:
A few more entries up at Behind The Red Door.  I didn't write the one about having your dog in your wedding....

I've also taken on another (unpaid) project - this time as a copy editor.  I know someone through the Steampunk community who is doing OK at self-publishing short ebooks on Amazon.  I read SteamDrunks, which is a delightful romp through actual period drink recipes with snarky commentary and occasionally tasty revisions.  The text, however, made my eyeballs bleed.  The inconsistent capitalization, slightly-wrong-word-itis, etc made my brains hurt.  So I sent her a nice note that said "Loved your book, it was very funny, umm...would you like a copy editor?"  She is actually quite excited at the idea of her work looking better, and I have yet another easy answer for when prospective employers ask me "So what have you been doing since your last job?"  I finished the edits this evening, and she can go over them and then upload the corrected copy.  She plans to have a new work out every 3-5 weeks, and they are of such a length that I can bang them out in an afternoon. (The link is for the uncorrected edition)

I'm having my occasionally-annual Zombie Easter Party (He rose from the dead, but he wasn't alone!) on Saturday April 7th.  This year;s afternoon of candy and blasphemy will feature Season 1 of The Walking Dead.  We start around noon, and bring something to eat or drink please, as I'm still unemployed.

I'm now a more-or-less regular player in the Tuesday night Irish Seisun at The Celtic Knot in Evanston.  Merry Measure is playing from 12-3 on St. Patrick's Day at Durty Nellies in Palatine.  (Note that the schedule on that page is for the Music Room only - we are playing in the new Whiskey Bar area).


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