Mar. 14th, 2012

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Because I couldn't resist starting a few seedlings.

Yes, I know - we haven't even hit the Vernal Equinox yet, and I recall one memorable year when we had 2 feet of snow on the day of the Equinox itself and got snowed in watching all the Star Wars movies at Mark/Jill/Aaron's place.  But dammnit, it was 80 degrees out today! 

I thought I could stave off the spring fever by dividing the early perennials that are starting to pop in the parkway garden.  I even dug that nasty gas-company sand full of nice rich bunnypoop in hopes that we can actually GROW something there this year.

That wasn't enough.

I hung up the swingy-chair on the deck, and spent enough time out there with some iced tea and a book to get a teeny-tiny tan.  Yay Vitamin D!  All of the over-wintered plants are out on the deck now, with plenty of water and sun to see what will survive.  The ones that stayed in the kitchen are showing signs of perking back up, but it's too soon to tell about the ones that stayed in the basement.  Well, except the mint and you can't kill that.

But that wasn't enough either.

So I gave in and put up some seedlings.  We're not supposed to drop much below 50 for the next week or so, so I thought I might be able to get away with some "cold weather" stuff like carrots and salad greens, if I'm very careful.  Carrots don't transplant well, so I set them up in the smallest railing box and covered it with plastic.  The greens are in small pots in two "mini-greenhouses" made from hanging planters and more plastic wrap.  If we get a sudden cold snap, all of the above are in small enough containers that I can whisk them indoors for a few days if needed, although they will likely be unhappy about the lack of light.

Winslet is Not Impressed by the porch.  I've had the back door open on several nice days so far but she has shown no signs at all of wanting to explore.  Today I picked her up, took her out, and set her on the nice warm boards to see what she'd do.  She looked around for about 3 seconds and promptly hopped back inside.  Oh well.


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