Jul. 12th, 2012

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Now that I have gone back to work, Winslet seems lonely.  Unlike my previous Pepper The BunnyBitch, she is social and affectionate, and she misses not having pettins on demand all day.  She's feel climbing all over me every morning at breakfast looking for attention, and when I come home in the evening she jumps right up on the couch to be fussed over.  So last night, we went back to Red Door to see if we could find her some companionship.

We settled in to a pen in an upstairs room to get comfy for a bit first.  She came right out of the carrier and began her mission of CHIN ALL THE THINGS!!!  She also pooped in all the corners, just for good measure.  Since I have no experience with bonding, I was happy to defer to Toni, the adoption coordinator, to be the one in the pen with them. I stood outside nervously, feeling like I was watching my little girl go off to prom or something.

First up was Irving, an affectionate little minirex boy. (He as well as all of the others she met are from this year's crop of Easter dumps. so they are all about a year or so younger than her).  He had been found under a car in a parking lot on Irving Park Road.  There seemed cautious interest on both parts.  There were ignorings, and then sniffings and investigatings, and more ignorings.  It seemed to go pretty well.  I think at some point she lost patience with him - I think she wanted to be groomed - so there was some scuffling and he lost a bit of fur.  Still, all things considered, not a bad start.  

Next up was Blackbeard, another MiniRex boy.  There really just didn't seem to be any interest at all on either side.  He was a little ADD bunny - hey another bunny ooh look hay what's that I'm going to chin that hey another bunny....". We're thinking that's a miss.

Then we took a little break, and brought in Harwood, a little Harlequin lion head mix that isn't on the website yet.  This also had positive signs, with sniffings and ignorings, and more sniffings, and munchings, and even little bunny-bunny kisses from him, but eventually she got a little shovey and he went back.

Another little break, and the last was Chestnut.  He was another short-attention-span bunny, more interested in running around than meeting a pretty girl.  He did a little sniffing, but she wasn't impressed with his manners.  I also think that by this point she's had about enough of this, and was ready to go home.

So the signs are generally positive.  She is receptive to the idea of other bunnies, but I think that she needs some more time to get used to the idea before anything else.  She was pretty stressed-out by the time we were done.  When we got home, she ran straight under the couch and not even a craisin could tempt her out.  After about an hour or so, though, she was back to her usual bunny-self, chowing down on her pellets and doing her best speed-bump impersonation in the hallway.

So either next week or the week after, we'll try again.  There is another boy bun, Thor, coming back from foster this weekend so we'll see if she likes him.  We'll also probably try again with Irving and Harwood if they don't get adopted first.  That's about it for the current crop of boy buns there - we've got mostly girls this time around.  


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