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We're on a bonding break for now, as Winslet bit Izzy-boy's butt seriously enough last night that it bled (as opposed to just nipping fur),  It scabbed up right away, I cleaned it carefully and dabbed with plain neosporin just in case.  It seems to be healing fairly well, but we're going to wait a few more days before going back to the tub again,

This is Izzy

See that basket hanging up there?  This will become important in a bit...

As part of my bonding work, prior to switching living spaces I switched out their litterboxes.  Now Izzy was using his "new" box that smelled like the scary lady-bun, but apparently wasn't very happy about it.

I try and stuff that basket pretty tightly with hay, to minimize refills - I'm allergic to hay to I try to set things up to minimize the amount of time I have to be in direct contact with it.  That's why Winslet has a free-standing rack over her litterbox, and why Izzy got this arrangement.  Most of the leftover hay falls in the litterbox, which keeps the scattered dust to a minimum.

At some point late on Saturday,  the basket was looking mostly empty.  Well, this planted a seed of an idea in his fluffy little head...

I noticed that there were some poops in the basket.  I couldn't figure out how he was doing it, until I happened to catch him at it.  He hopped up there, wriggled and squished himself down so that he fit inside, and pooped there!  Before I could get to clean it out today, he decided that it was an appropriate place to pee too!


Today I took the basket down, washed and vinegar-rinsed it, restuffed it full of hay, and hung it in a slightly different way so that (I think) it's harder to get into.  I'd really rather he use his litterbox as a litterbox.

*Sigh*  Bunnies are wierd.


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