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Well, after a little more than a week on hiatus, it was back to the tub again for Izzy and Winslet...

She still seems to have an irresistible urge to bite his flank or butt. She has realized that this has consequences, and she seems to have figured out where the spray is coming from, so she's still trying to be sneaky about it. She spends a lot of time looking to me - not sure if it's for reassurance or to see if I'm watching to see if she can get away with a bite, I'm not sure.

Aside from that, they are doing fine. They ate hay together, and he even flopped at one point and let her sniff his foot. In a dog, that would be a sign of submission - does anyone know if that's true of bunnies as well?

At another point, she laid down in the middle of the tub (possibly using her size to crowd him slightly?)

There was also a bit of "nose wars" as well - trying to maneuver each other into being the groomee - which is hard when neither one is actually grooming.

We did about 70 minutes, and they even ate pellets together. I was afraid there might be some aggression over them, as both of them get tremendously excited at pellet time. But other than a bit of head-maneuvering things seemed to go well. I ended things on that note.

I'll probably do another tub session or two before trying to up the ante again, since that seems to be where the problems start.

Photo of Izzy  

Yes. he's up on top of the radiator.

Winslet has been known to go up there too.

I'm doomed....

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