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The rest of the report consists of anecdotes, because things were getting pretty blurry by that point.  I remember specific things, but not when they occurred.

We were awakened on Saturday by a phone call from Denny that he had been waiting for an hour and the head on ConSuite STILL wasn’t ready for his shopping trip that he insisted had to happen at 7AM.  his turned out to be a bit of a good thing, as we had somehow mis-set our alarm that morning and should have been down in the office already.  Lisa ran down while I took time to shower before heading down.

Sometime on Saturday we got the OK to “promote” our SuperGophers to staff.  All that meant was that they got yellow badge lanyards and a crappy water bottle, but it meant that we had staff that we could count on.  This was a big help as we were rapidly drowning in details.   

Oh, and I forgot - shortly after the self-important twit in Dealers tried to stop us on, Lisa and I separated for a bit.  I came up the escalator to find someone dragging a kiosk of grid across the (very expensive) hotel carpet.  Somehow I got out the right words to stop him , and it turned out that he was teh fan photography guy for the Masquerade and had decided to co-opt a nearby kiosk for his own use.  This was a big nono on many parts - only Logistics or people we have given specific instructions should be moving that, and only in certain ways using a cart and teams of 2 at least.  He was all like “Oh, it’s OK - we’re not going to use it” and I had to express that this was not really the point, and that he needed to shut up and let me handle it.   (wait that was Masquerade stuff, so it had to have happened on Saturday....see what I mean?)

Meanwhile, Lisa was walking down the hallway and noticed that the large grid construction we had put up was noticeably smaller.  She stopped and snarled ‘WHERE IS MY GRID!!!”, much to the dismay of the poor people who were standing there reading posted notices.  She reassured them that she didn’t suspect them of taking it, but that it would be helpful if they could remember how long it had been like that.

I did get to Seanan McGuire’s concert, which was wonderful and weepy and my radio didn’t go off ONCE!!!!  I was afraid for a time that it was broken, but Lisa was just making sure that I got to the one event I wanted to see.  Unfortunately, the concert was 1-ish, and thanks to the flailing of the morning I’d eaten a late breakfast, delayed lunch until 4ish and then forgot to eat dinner.  This made it nearly impossible to get up on Sunday morning.  That was really the only time I spaced on that kind of thing.

I figured that I’d be able to catch the Masquerade on video at some point, so instead we went to Sy L’s presentation ‘Apollo 13 - Anatomy of a Failure’.  He was the guy on EEOM when the oxygen tanks blew, and he had screencaps of his data and audio recordings to take us through both how the data played and what subsequent investigations revealed.  I figured that these guys aren’t going to be around forever, and that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear it from one of the guys who were there when it all went down.  And even at 9:30 at night, after closing our office, we were still the ones on deck when he was having audio issues - we radioed for tech help and when they didn’t come we figured out how to fix it ourselves. (including one rather amusing moment when I accidentally turned on the hotel Muzak system - and promptly said “Well THAT’s not it!” which got a good laugh from everyone)

That made it a late night which made getting up in the AM all tat much harder.  I thought I was going to need to call myself a break later that morning, but some food helped.

We were now starting to work on load-out.  Except that the con person who was supposed to tell us where stuff was supposed to be staged didn’t get the info, and didn’t seem to understand how important it was as we had to start putting things there already.    We eventually got the location Monday morning at 10, and investigation proved the area to be so full of hotel stuff that it was unusable.  So we simply claimed the same area that we had loaded in to and if the company had a problem they were welcome to move it themselves - once they cleared out the space.  I understand that this is exactly what they had to do late Monday night, and I don’t particularly care.

We were having issues getting grid to and from parties all weekend, despite the fact that the room people were told when they had t be in their rooms for delivery.  I was on one run where 5/6 rooms didn’t answer their doors.  When they later called to see if we could re-deliver, I was feeling less-than-charitable towards them.  Apparently one of the bid parties for 2015 claimed that we were trying to rig the bidding against them by giving their opponents grid and they didn’t get any.  The only discrimination we were doing was in favor of people who actually did what we asked them to do. I thought I was relatively calm when I explained that I had just personally helped haul approximately half a metric fuck-ton of grid across 4 floors and was disinclined to do it again  (The office staff immediately began calculating the exact measure of a metric-fuck-ton, and whether it was gross or tare)   We even started calling before we went up.  “Hi, this is Wendy from Chicon Logistics.  We’ll be sending up the grid run in about 20 minutes, so please have someone in your room at that time.  Preferably someone wearing pants”

I also left the con for a few hours on Sunday to go home and check on the bunnies.  They were fine, though they had knocked over both water bowls each.

I was waaay too tired to stay up for the Hugos on Sunday, though I followed them on Twitter until Twitter exploded when the Ustream cast was blocked for “copyright violations” buy showing clips that the BBC and CBS had sent us to play.  But the 3rd party bots on the network shut down the broadcast just as Neil Gaiman (who has 1.7 million twitter followers) took the stage to accept his award. It took several days to sort the whole mess out, and it even made the CNN tech page.  Ustream broadcast the event as-live last night, and it will be featured all month on demand

Most of Monday is a blur - I hauled boxes and panels and checked things on clipboards and really don’t remember most of it.  I did score a 26” flatpanel TV with built-in DVD player in the “fire sale” - and was not ashamed to have played the pity/guilt card to get it.  Under “at con phone number” I put my radio tag sign.  Got it for $20, and Lisa and Denny got $10 printers.
I was there until 8:30 or so that evening, and when I finally turned in my radio to Ops I burst into tears right there in the office from sheer release of stress.  I had to be at work the next day.  Lisa had another day and a half of work to do on load-out, but my Chicon experience was at an end.

3 days worth of 16-hrs of sleep and I'm starting to feel almost recovered

Date: 2012-09-10 07:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lisagems.livejournal.com
Lessee... Saturday after the Apollo panel, we actually went to 2 (count 'em) 2 parties. One notable for the OMFG it's one of the fancy Japanese toilets with more buttons than I can figure out in this state of fatigue and brain death. The second for it's cider cream thingy which was odd but kinda nummy. Then bed, because yeah, Sunday. blrg.

Nope. Sunday is completely blurred with the rest of the week, nothing in particular, other than trying to chase down a load out area, stands out.

Monday, the drama of the unpickupable truck. Yeah. it worked out. sorta. Late night getting as much as possible to the stage out area, then writing a completely useless begging letter hoping to find people willing to help off load trucks into storage lockers and pods then next day. Food shoved at me sometime around 10 I think it was. It was tasty. I have no idea what it was.

Tuesday, Wendy is gone, Lisa is up at 6 to take a cab to Berwyn to get the unpickupable truck, which isn't there. Takes a 10' box truck in place of the 24' truck we were supposed to have. I made it work.

Falling asleep in the truck while waiting for a light to turn green about a 1/2 mile from the storage locker. fun. Deciding I was too flipping tired to try backing into said storage building. Then, after the truck was off loaded, driving around for far too long trying to find somewhere not too far from home to park said truck. didn't succeed. The missing wallet and the adventures that spawned. Getting home around 11ish. crash. crash hard.

Wednesday. Trying to return a 10' box truck without picking it up from parking first. whee. Done. all done except some paperwork.
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Date: 2012-09-10 08:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wendyzski.livejournal.com
Oh yes - I hope they weren't offended when i said that the best thing about the party was teh fancy-schmancy toilet!

Date: 2012-09-10 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lisagems.livejournal.com
Oh, and did you happen to see the email from pissy consuite guy Tuesday morning basically implying that he wouldn't *begin* packing up consuite until 2 pm on Tuesday!?! Yeah, first sent Leane to jump on that. Then I jumped on that, then I sent *every* gopher that had come to volunteer for load out down to consuite to help *them* jump on it. Then went back to consuite to jump on it some more. Tuesday morning was EVER so much fun.

I basically said that the ISFIC stuf and the refridgerators would be in my load out area in time to be put on trucks or HE would be responsible for getting them to Joliet and Berwyn respectively. Personally. And I didn't care how he did it.

The last load of ISFIC stuff from consuite came down as the union guys were putting the last load onto the Joliet bound truck. And it only worked out because we had been jerked around on dock times. I had trucks at the dock, waiting, by 8:30 am. Including the one I had to go pick up myself. We didn't get into the docks until after 11:00.

See what you missed?

Date: 2012-09-11 03:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bschilli.livejournal.com
Thank you both very much

Date: 2012-09-11 12:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dragonsblog.livejournal.com
Good gravy that's a lot of stuff! Good on you, every report I've read on the con has been glowing.


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