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When you go to the polls this fall, PLEASE don't write in a fictional character.

All that means is more work for the overtired judges of election.

At least in Illinois, those votes are not even reported from the precinct. But any ballots with write-ins have to be individually examined by at least two of the election judges (one from each main party) to see if they are legitimate pre-registered write-in candidate. Whether or not it's a legit. write-in vote, they then have to be recorded on 5 separate forms, and sealed in a special envelope - ALL of which have to be hand-signed by all of the judges at the polling place. These people have already been at the polling place since 5AM and they REALLY want to go home now.

THEN the reporting boxes from that polling get special stickers so they are set aside at the receiving station so that the boxes can be individually opened by paid teams of sworn judges to review the write-in ballots AGAIN.

That's a fuckton of work that you, the taxpayers, end up footing the bill for, because some asshole wanted to vote for Donald Duck.

So just don't


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