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I am seriously annoyed at the idiots who took and then returned Lady Winslet. Aggressive my ass! She spent most of the weekend lying in one of her favorite spots - her carpeted balcony or sprawled on the tile floor - while peering suspiciously at the open cage door. She came out for a few sniffing circuits, but bolted for the cage as soon as I came into the room.

I thought that maybe she might be cage-protective but even that isn't it. She didn't even blink when I emptied her litterbox (aside from staying as far away from me as possible).

Tonight was different though. With the assistance of some tiny bits of dried banana she came up to me, and even nosed my book looking for more. I snuck in a few pets, although she it still very dubious about those. She hopped up on the hay storage tub and stretched out on it to eye me suspiciously.

Her nails are very long and pointy - such that she clicks and slides on the tile floor. I'm going to have to do something about those pretty soon. Not looking forward to traumatizing her, but mommies have to be mean sometimes.

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Aug. 7th, 2011 08:38 pm
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I've passed beyond the frantic anxiety stage and am now in the sad and mopey stage of grieving for Pepper. But i also brought up and bleached my wire grid panels that i will be using to make a little bunny vacation condo for shelter and rescue buns.

Once my houseguests left i did a lot of napping. Today i napped a lot too, but have also gotten a fair amount of stuff done. I gave up and just wiped the hard drive on my secondary computer and have been updating and reinstalling stuff all day. I finally just took my foldycouch apart and staeted over to get it all put together properly. And i finally set myself to sort out why my ice-maker wasn't working. Also pulled up my roku that had fallen behind the tv.

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Jun. 7th, 2011 03:05 pm
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It seems that my entire purpose this week is to produce and exude mucus. I suppose it's good to have skills.

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Jun. 6th, 2011 02:34 pm
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My manager sent me home early - said my coughing was scaring the tenants. I didn't argue

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Yay and boo

Jun. 3rd, 2011 11:40 am
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Yay that the new lj app apparently works. This is a big improvement over the old lj app.

Boo that the con Crud seems to have mutated and now I have a lung infection AND a sinus infection. I have a call into my doctor.

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I'm so glad that Ari and I went to the memorial together - I'm exhausted and my nose feels like it's been sandpapered. Tears are still leaking at intervals.

There were 5 wenches and one rogue there, and 4 of the wenches went garbed. I got through my speech somehow, and I read the names of every wench who commented on the board thread, and those who commented on my lj on facebook. I needed to tell these people how many lives Lori touched. They needed to know what they had in their midst.

And I'm sorry hon, but I still don't think 'Napoleon Dynamite' was funny.

Then Clay talked a bit while I recovered my composure, and then I read Capi's note. Trey did video most of it, so I'll let people know when and where it gets posted.

Later that evening, we had Trey and Laura and Clay back at the hotel for pizza and chatting. Pepper was nicely social except for occasional random pooping.

After breakfast I met up with CheezToni while Ari went back to help Clay clear some stuff from the apartment .( I couldn't help with that because of my allergies. We took some fabric and crafts stuff back with us - and a fair amount of laughter and tears as we found some ... Err ... Interesting fabric choices. I can almost understand the appeal of what seems to have bee The Loudest Jester Fabric In The World, but the Old Man Bermuda Shorts Fabric still puzzles us.

We stopped by her parents place for a last visit and a tour of the picture wall of Lori and her sister growing up. I got to snuggle NekkidPudgie (a recent cut made her almost pretty) before my allergies drove us out. Hit Cinci near dark and then we had a chance to talk some more. Pepper is in her pen in the kitchen and I'm on the couch mooching the neighbor's wireless.

I'll post when I get back but it'll likely be well into evening by the time I have the car turned in and get back home on the bus

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I really was happy to be able to give Sally a place of refuge for the past week, but it is a relief to have my home back to myself again. I can eat whatever I want without worrying I'd it's to her taste. I can nap on the couch. I sleep better because there are no random noises to wake me. I can wander around in my underwear.

It's good to be home. Alone.

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Looks like I'm going to have a house guest this week...

There is a Cheezfrend from CA who usually spends the winters with another friend in Michigan City. While the Michigan City lady was visiting Hawaii, she made plans to visit another online friend in Minneapolis - a recent widow who invited her up.

It's been a disaster. It's too soon for the widow to have company - she's still in too much pain to be a good host - she's been snappish and has been drinking too much.

So Sally will be coming to stay here for the rest of the week until J comes back from Hawaii. I will be at work a lot, but Pepper could use the company. She can relax and be safe and do her craft stuff and her etsy and eBay posts and maybe even venture out to explore the city a bit.

Wasn't exactly prepared for a guest - money is still tight and the place is a mess. And im not exactly looking forward to going out in this weather to get her at the airport. But with good will and patience on both sides well make it. If all goes well I'll leave here around 7:30 for Midway and will haul het back here.

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No I don't know why my app posted the entry twice, and I dont know how to delete it, but I could edit the second entry so just pretend you don't see this

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I put my holiday decorations up today. One of the things I like to do when I take everything down in January is put the holiday cards in the boxes on top. That way when I put things up, I can sit and enjoy reading them again and thinking of the friends who sent them to me. There is always a bit of sadness when I read over the APR cards (a bunny group that im in that does a card exchange every year) and see the names of the buns who died during the year. It's been a busy year at the special APR section just across the Rainbow Bridge.

The rest of the day was for tea and napping. I'm still not quite used to the new sleep schedule yet. Also my left knee is grumpy with me. That's the one that had early arthritis after that old Fright Fest injury. My new boss is very vigorous and takes the stairs all the time, plus there was a lot of walking to the other locations. I made a good show of it to keep up appearances, but by Friday I was taking the elevator when she wasn't around. It's hot and a little grindy-feeling today so I'm babying it when I can.

A few weeks ago I received notice that my mortgage payments were going up $25/month. Then a week later I got the later-than-usual Cook County tax bill, finally showing that my homeowners exemption finally went through. So I sent a copy of that to my mortgage company saying "Please to be recalculating based on actual facts krhxbye!". So today I got a $65 refund check and my payments ate going down $10/month instead of up. That will be nice.

COBRA shit is still screwed up, so I guess I get to call the DOL again on Monday. My new coverage doesn't start until March and I need to keep COBRA up at least until mid-January to get around the pre-existing condition issue. Bleh.

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It may not be traditional, but I have a lasagna in the oven.

I'll write more about how incredibly stressful and drama-laden yesterday was - probably under a f-lock so I can rant. The gist is that the Teslacon drama will not die, and some people are getting a rather rude awakening. Of course, I'm going to end up blamed for it but that's nothing new.

In the end I had a nice quiet evening gathering with turkey and ham and though the bus schedule necessitated my leaving before the fried apples I had a good time.

Has stress-induced trouble sleeping so I slept quite late today. Made crescent rolls with strawberry jam for breakfast, and will have tasty lasagna for dinner. I'm spending the whole day in my jammies - reading, watching tv and a bit of old school dr who. A nice hot bath is also in the cards I think.

The pre-job projects continue. I did a closet purge, rearranged the costume closet, properly stacked all those bolts of fabric (and set aside the ones that will get buried in basement storage) and finally packed away the summer clothes. And yeah, I should probably take that AC unit out of the bedroom window. Really hoping to get to the living room one day, and the studio another, and maybe even get that new winter coat cut out before I start work next Wednesday.

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I have a job starting 12/1 as the office manager at The Suites at Tree Studios in Chicago. Starting then because of the holiday week and I need to go pee in a cup.

That's 10 days before my unemployment was going to run out. Phew!

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This was my second time working as a judge of election, and it really does change your perspective on voting.

I've sort of become our precinct's 'expert' on assisted voting. Rogers Park has a very diverse population (which is part of why I moved here) so we have a lot of immigrant voters. Many of them start showing up around 3pm, once the kids are out of school and can help mom and dad translate. Lots of Spanish but a couple of Eastern European languages as well.

We also have an assisted-living facility on my block, so we have quite a few folks who need assistance because of a disability. Since I'm up on all the rules and forms involved, I'm usually the one who gets them set up. * And since I have a very clear speaking voice I'm usually the choice for someone who needs the ballot read put to them. We counted today - with all the judicial retention on there this time around, it took at least 20 minutes to get through an assisted ballot, and I'm pretty sure I did at least 10 of them. The amount of paperwork these folks have to get through to do all this , never mind any physical challenges they have to work with just to exercise a right that most of us take for granted? Let's just say I'm a lot less patient with people who don't bother to vote. Some of them show up better-prepared than many of the able-bodied voters.

I'm certainly not putting anyone on a pedestal here - one guy drooled on me while he was signing his forms, there were two cases of BO enough to make me gag, and a couple of others that were clearly not going to be eligible for Mensa any time soon - but that could be said for many of the able-bodied voters as well.

Once you've been profusely thanked by a Somali immigrant in his painfully halting English, or once you've spent half an hour going over the ballot with a paraplegic man who indicated his choices by raising the two usable fingers on his right hand and grunting .....yeah, not a lot of patience for people who can't manage to find 20 minutes sometime during a month to sit down and do your job.

*in Illinois, anyone can request assistance in voting, either because of difficulty reading or writing in English or because of a physical disability. They can either bring someone to assist them or if they request it then one judge from each party will assist together, so as to keep each other honest. The voter signs a form that says 'yes I am requesting help' and the person(s) sign a form that says 'I agree to assist this person without trying to influence their vote.' and then both of these are witnessed by an election judge, who can't be one of the two judges assisting.

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Did all my laundry yesterday but the over-full cart got awat from me on the stairs. It didnt hurt at the time but by evening my knee was hot and tender and by this morning its pretty impressively bruising jusr above and outsid the kneecap. If it gets worse ill go to the doc but there really isnt much to do apart from ice and elevation.

Condo board meeting are so much better when the crazy people dont show up. In and out in 20 minutes!

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Is back on track. Leather panel canceled and mini top hat workshop added. Some schedule changes on saturday to make everything work out. Will post/send complete schedule tomorrow.

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Well-my computer is fine. But it's still not working right.

Looks lile these issues are cropping up for people who:
Use Firefox/Thunderbird
Have the most updated versions (as of a few months ago)
At one point downloadef Google Chrome

It's either:
A javascripting prpblem
A bit of leftover malware from Chrome
Something else

At seemingly random intervals, while doing any number of things in either Ffox or Tbird , i get an Unresolved Script error. Othen the error string included the word Chrome but not always. Sometimes i can click 'stop script' to resolve it temporarily, but often my browser and/or email seize up completely (and i cant even stop application in task manager but hsve to 'end process')

It's getting to the point where it takes half an hour to check my email!

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Im still around-but am having computer issues.

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I still have no idea wtf i did to my left foot but for most of the last few days its been swollen and i've been unable to put weight on it. Went to the doc today and got it xrayed - i think i see a tinybit of displacement in one toe joint , but i have a podiatrist appt on wednesday.

The swelling has gone down quite a bit today and i can almost put weight on it again. Still pretty sure i can't get a dress shoe on it for tomorrow's job interview but i can get around with a crutch. Hopefully by the weekend faire gig i'll be down to a cane and can put fake bandage over whatrver shoe o can manage.

I was icing it on and off all day yesterday, and left one (crushed ice in a ziploc bag) on the floor to melt. Because Pepper firmly believes that anything on the floor belongs to her, the following was probably inevitable:

*sniff sniff*
*nibble nibble*
*flail scrabble FLEEE^
*brief pause*

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Today was the Ginza Festival at the Midwest Buddhist Temple. I first went to this lovely event last year and was really looking forward to coming back. It's pretty small - held within the temple grounds - but it's certainly full! Today looked like the better weather day with the humidity dropping and temps only in the 80s.

They are justifiably famous for their teryaki chicken (from an old family recipe) but there are other nummies to be had. Lisagems and I split an order and we each had the sushi alongside (which i think was about right).

The work of the waza (skilled artists brought from japan) was lovely but out of my budget. I passed on a pair of tabi in favor of a fabric necklace. There are vendors inside and out and a cool visit to the ikebana or bonsai displays.

Met up with ashtalet after lunch and settled after shopping in some shade with snocones by the stage. We could see quite a few of the planes and sky divers from the nearby Air & Water show at North Avenue beach while we waited. We got to see classical japanese dance, and the temple's own taiko drumming group.

This is definitely now on my list of annual events!

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Aug. 14th, 2010 09:39 pm
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Ok, who among my last year's costume panelists wants to come back? I know that most of you plan on Teslacon the week before, so i need to know who is coming back. I've got the beginnings of a good track started so now it's time to settle on the people.

We're going to have a conference room of our very own! The Costumers Cavern will host most of our panels as well as serve as an informal gathering place and workspace.

And of course the masquerade space is twice the size of last year and we will have professional photography on site.

So let me know within the next week or so so that we can get started on actual planning

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