Jul. 7th, 2012

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After nearly a week of temps well above 90 and several days of over 100, I woke from my nap to find outdoor temps in the 80s. 

I'd been really dragging since the hell-gig T-W. I stayed well-hydrated and well-electrolyted, but it's still a strain and I've spent the past several days feeling like someone turned up the gravity on me.  But after napping most of the afternoon, I think I'm finally over that.

All the windows are open, the AC is off, and I've even scrubbed the tub and sinks, soaked the litterboxes, and washed the kitchen floor - all things I didn't want to make the AC deal with when it was so ghastly hot.  I even cooked!  OK, Macaroni and cheese shaped like little bunnies, but it still involved turning on the stove...Tomorrow is the rest of the errands I've been putting off because of the heat, like laundry and grocery shopping.

I'm currently ensconced on the deck in my swingychair with my laptop and a tall glass of iced tea.  Winslet is enjoying the evening breezes and trying to work her way around the various barriers that I put up to protect the young plants from anything worse than an occasional stolen leaf.  So far she likes oregano, is iffy about dill, prefers the younger and less-woody catnip, and wasn't too fond of lovage.  There were some very happy bumblebees buzzing about the blooming catnip and oregano earlier.  I can hear the Navy Pier fireworks in the distance. No sign of nastyneighbor.  All is calm.  *yawns*


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