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Its been an eventful last couple of months.

I started working full-time as of October 1.  I really enjoy my job - my boss really needed a "me" - he comes from the construction end of property management and I come from the paperwork side of things.  That plus my condo board experience means that I can be a big help to him in seeing that his business grows without bits falling off around the edges.  The pay is fine but more importantly, he thanks me at least once a week.  I'm supported, valued, and appreciated - that's about ideal in my books.

I was approved for bankruptcy on October 22nd.  The half hour before the trustee hearing was the most anxious I have ever been, but the hearing itself took all of 3 minutes, including making sure that my name was being pronounced correctly for the recorder and a but of banter as to whether Winslet qualifies as an asset or a liability.  See, I wanted to be very thorough when I did my household inventory so I listed her as a misc asset with a value of her adoption fee.  I got the paperwork back for signature with her listed as One (1) rabbit - pet - no value except to owner.  I didn't tell her that because I didn't want to hurt her feelings...

Then my boss announced that he's moving to SW Michigan!  He and his wife were planning on something like this in a year or so - they have young kids and want to live in a more suburban setting with room to run and better schools.  They lucked in on an amazing deal on a foreclosure on 5 acres in their target area with good schools, and he felt that since I'm on board and so much of our stuff is in the cloud, they could move up their timetable.  He plans to come in to Chicago 2-3 days a week for meetings and such, and is going to try and buy out one of his rental tenants early (March-ish) and set up a pied-à-terre.  I suggested that since the point of renting an actual office was to get the work life away from the family life, and now the family life was moving, why pay the extra for a second space when I could work just as easily from a desk in the apartment.  So some things are still up in the air as far as what and when, but it's pretty daunting to realize that he's basically handing the day-to-day operation of his business to me after less than a month of full-time work!  But it's exciting too.

Windycon went well - The theme was Zombies, so I set up a workshop on Friday where people could bring in old clothes and distress them with fake blood, mud, grass stains, tears and claw marks, etc.  AT least 5 people made their outfits on Friday and then wore them on the catwalk on Saturday, which is EXACTLY what I want to have happen.  Two women were really nervous backstage, and then they took their turn on stage, sat down, looked at each other and said "Can we do that again?".  :)  The beginning sewing panel also seemed to go well, and my Stage Blood Cookoff was not only well-attended but I managed to squick out a nurse and a vet!  

I finally have medical overage again!  It's through the state's IPXP.  My boss is paying for it.  I had to have no coverage at all for 6 months and be denied for private insurance, and now I have free preventative care, a $500 deductible, and 20% copay on prescriptions.  I was able to fill 4 of my meds for 90 days for only $32 last night - I nearly cried with relief at the pharmacy window.  I had a full physical including pap, bloodwork, pee test, mammogram referral and re-ups on all of my scripts for free.  You have no idea how much that is a huge weight off my shoulders.  

Winslet went through a territorial pooping phase after we sent Izzy/irving back to Red Door.  She wanted it known in no uncertain terms that this is HER home TYVM, and no icky boybunnies are welcome.  She calmed down after a few weeks, and has started nibbling random things again.  She even figured out how to get into my bedroom while I was at Windycon.  I'be not looked for all the damage but while the featherbed seems to have survived unscathed the duvet was a bit nibbled as was a nightshirt and a vest that was on the floor.

So all things considered, I'm pretty relieved for now.

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