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I am totally behind the concept of "authors doing goofy things for charity donations".  First I know of was Jim Hines recreating the poses of female characters on book covers hich has now raised over $15k fo Aicardi Syndrome.

‚ÄčNow, yesterday, the Acts of Whimsy fundraiser (to enable author and cancer patient Jay Lake to get a full genetic sequencing) went over $30k in under 24 hours!

So far we as a community have "won":
$2000 -- The Juvenalienation: NYT Bestselling author Tobias S. Buckellwill crack open a locked box containing his oldest, complete first short story, typed out on cracked, yellowing paper and hidden away in shame lo these many years. Written when he was fourteen, it is full of embarrassingly awkward writing that he will turn into an eBook as a reward for anyone who donates. GOAL UNLOCKED
$3000 -- Malt-O-Vision:hang out with NYT Bestselling author Tobias S. Buckell on a Google Plus hangout as he drinks his favorite scotches and answers questions and chats about... well, you bring the topic! The 1st five people to donate $100 or more get a seat in the Hangout. GOAL UNLOCKED!
$4000 -- Hugo Award-winning author and voice actor Mary Robinette Kowalwill read selections of beloved classics as phone sex. GOAL UNLOCKED
$6000 -- Hugo-award winner Jim C. Hineswill read excerpts from his very first completed story, which was a 50,000 word novel about his Dungeons & Dragons character, a purple-clad elf named Nakor. (That's right, his D&D character was blatantly ripped off from Raymond Feist's work.) But that's not all! He'll do the reading in costume, dressed as Nakor, and will post the video for all to see and mock! GOAL UNLOCKED!
$7000  -- Best-selling authors Scott Lynch & Elizabeth Bearwill perform a sock puppet show of one of Jay Lake's short stories. gOAL UNLOCKED!
$8000 Seanan McGuire Sings Disney Filking BonusGOAL UNLOCKED!
$9000 -- Hugo-award winner, writer for Doctor Who and novelist Paul Cornellwill try to sing Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights"GOAL UNLOCKED
$10,000 -- Best-selling author Cherie Priestwill present a steampunk/goth fashion show for pets with the able assistance of her cat Spain and her dog Greyson. GOAL UNLOCKED!
$12,000 -- The creators of the Jay Lake Documentarywill unveil a comic short for Jay and you. GOAL UNLOCKED!
$15,000 -- NY Times Best-selling author and Hugo award winner John Scalziwill sing a lost Bob Dylan song, in the style of Bob Dylan. GOAL UNLOCKED!
$17,500 --  NY Times Best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss will unleash a "terrible surprise." GOAL UNLOCKED!
$20,000 -- NY Times Best-selling author Neil Gaiman will perform a cover from the Magnetic Fields album 69 Love Songswhilst accompanying himself on the Ukulele. Every donor of $50 or more will be entered in a drawing to choose the song that Neil sings. GOAL UNLOCKED!
$25,000 -- Award-winning author Seanan McGuirerewrote all of season one of VERONICA MARS as a Shakespearean tragedy. Which counts as transformative. She is assembling a small cast to video tape the closing sequence from the final act of "The Tragedy of Lillian Kane, Princess of Neptune."GOAL UNLOCKED
$30,000-- A goal so awesome your mind will implode when we reveal it
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