Aug. 8th, 2012

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45 minutes in the tub tonight, though I turned the motor off after 5. I decided that much of the nipping seemed to be set off by chasing, so I thought maybe I gave them too much space in the bedroom, so I thought we'd stay confined tonight.

Early on, I did the thing where you sort of shove them together and pet them at the same time. That seemed to go really well.I offered treats, but neither was interested.

Once their fright started to wear off, I kept close watch with the spray bottle. (note to self - am too old to sit on floor of bathroom for 45 minutes - get chair). She has clearly figured out that nipping nets her a face-full of water, so she tried to be sneaky about it. Just minding my own business here and juuust happened to be stretching my head out slowly and maybe I'll just open my mouth and start toSPLOOOOOSH!!!! *groom groom*. Silly bunbun.

He's a thumpy little thing, but did calm down at some points. Particularly when I pushed the plate of hay back out and they remembered it was there. They eat on opposite sides just fine, though he is still pretty wary. I offered regular simultaneous treats (cut up a few craisins to make them last longer)

By the last 5 minutes, she was actually lying down in tub and while he was in the corner he was grooming and his ears were more relaxed. A few more treats and then I ended the session.

Right now, she's lying up against the side of his pen. Clearly on guard, but not aggressive.
Tonight I clean the litterboxes, and then after a few days I'll switch them out for each other, preperatory to switching their spaces. In a little bit, once she is comfy back in the kitchen or on the deck, I'll block off the hall to give him a bit more run time if possible.

I'm no longer so afraid that she's going to kill him, and his poor little baldy-spot seems to be healing well.


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